Beer giant Tsingtao opens first ever beer university in Australia

Fancy yourself a beer expert? Next time you’re at the footy or a mate’s BBQ, you can now back your claim with a qualified Bachelor’s degree in Beer Studies from the world’s first Tsingtao Beer University (Degree Code: BBS101A).

Tsingtao, one of the world’s most popular beers announced today that they will be opening a Beer University in Sydney, Australia offering fully accredited undergraduate and postgraduate degrees such as the Bachelor of Beer Brewing and the Master in Molecular Beerology.

"Australians love beer and have a fantastic beer culture, it was a natural choice for us to open the world’s first ever Beer University here in Sydney, Australia”, said Mr. Eric Woo, Beerologiest and respected spokesperson for Tsingtao.

A standard bachelor’s degree will be a three-year full time degree with units ranging from core science classes held in a cool room mimicking ideal beer conditions set by the Australia Food Safety Standards. Other popular degrees include a Bachelor’s of Bar-ology where the major elective consists of a mandatory exchange program requiring students to spend a full month in Qingdao, China where the annual Tsingtao Beer festival is held. Some of the world’s most renowned retired professors have agreed to join the University’s faculty due to their love of Tsingtao.

“This is a great initiative by Tsingtao. It is an excellent opportunity for beer enthusiasts to follow their passion and gain the knowledge surrounding it”, said Head Professor Wann-Tyne, the newly appointed Dean of Molecular Beerology. The Tsingtao Beer University expects to open later this year with first round of enrolment already being filled.

Waitlist and scholarship opportunities are still available. Please click the link below and fill in the form and a Tsingtao representative will be in touch with you shortly.